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Lawn Applications

Training and experience are key to knowing which fertilizers and chemicals to apply, when, and how much. Our team is certified by the Indiana State Chemist Office, with more than 50 years of combined experience. We know how to get your lawn back to a healthy state with balanced fertilization treatments. We know which application will help remove broadleaf weeds and what products to use. We know how to prevent pests like fleas and ticks from taking residence in your lawn, keeping you enjoying that beautiful yard. We specialize in lawn applications, with the expertise you can trust.  

Fertilization and Weed Control

Our standard applications are spaced out at about 5-7 weeks apart using the best products for the time of season. All of our applications will contain some variation of fertilizer and weed control depending on the weather and season. Broadleaf weed control is expertly applied by our technicians to rid the lawn of those unsightly weeds.

Crabgrass and Annual Grasses Pre-Emergent

A spring application to prevent the most dreaded weed in a lawn. This application will help prevent crabgrass from germinating and taking over your lawn. 

Crabgrass Post-Emergent 
If crabgrass has already taken root, our team can apply a post-emergent to kill this pervasion weed and get your lawn looking lush again. 

Grub Curative or Preventative

Grub worms are the larval form of beetles, including the Japanese beetle. They feed on grass roots and can decimate a lawn.  Our applications can help in preventing grub worm eggs from hatching with a preventative and destroy any larvae doing damage with a post-emergent. 

Nimblewill & Nutsedge Applications 
These invasive weeds require special applications, so our team will identify and treat any areas that are susceptible to Nimblewill or Nutsedge.  

Fungicide Application 
Fungus can create unsightly spots in your lawn, but more importantly it can kill your grass. It is crucial to identify and treat fungal disease quickly, which is exactly what our team will do. 

Insecticide Application 
Applied to the lawn this spray will prevent annoying and dangerous insects, including fleas and ticks, from taking up residence in your grass. When applied to the foundation perimeter of your home or office, it can keep ants, spiders, or other pests from entering. 

Lime Application It is common for soil to become too acidic, preventing plants from accessing nutrients. Our team applies pelletized lime to help neutralize your soil with accuracy and consistency. 

Goose Control 
Geese can be a nuisance when they take up residence on your property. Our team can apply a goose control spray which can only be seen by geese and deters them from landing and nesting in your yard.

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