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Lawn Maintenance

Beautiful lawns take work and time. Let our experienced and knowledgeable team take care of your grass. We know how to make your lawn look healthy and lush, and will dedicate our time to keeping it that way.   

Spring Clean-Up

Removing all the remnants of the previous year including leaves, flower beds, and brush. A general refresh of your landscape to get you ready for the season.

Fall Clean-Up

Get ready for winter (and prepare for spring) with a fall clean up that includes removing leaves and expired perennials, and trimming shrubs.

Leaf Removal

This perennial task that everyone dreads. Dont break your back raking every fall weekend, our team will blow or vacuum leaves to get your space cleaned up.


Complete mulching services, including mechanical edging so your beds will look clean and crisp.


Mole Control

Moles have ruined many beautiful lawns, and nothing seemed to stop them effectively, until now. Our expert team uses the newest mole control bait available to rid your lawn of these pests. It is effective and efficient, often working within just a couple of days after treatment.

Aeration & Seeding

Aeration helps keep the soil from compacting, allowing air, water, and nutrients into the grass roots. This is key to having a deeply-rooted, healthy lawn. We use special equipment that removes small plugs from the soil. Once aeration is done, our team will apply quality grass seeds to further rejuvenate your lawn.



Our team uses special equipment to create slits in the turf and drop seeds in those slits. This process is the most effective way to get seeds germinating quickly and beautiful grass growing fast.

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