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Trees and Shrubs

Healthy trees are the pillars of a lovely and balanced landscape. From large shade trees to flowering ornamentals, they create the framework of your outdoor space. Shrubs support that framework, providing borders and creating unique spaces, as well as year-round decoration. Trees and shrubs can last a long time, the constants of your landscape. That's why it's critical to take the utmost care of these important landscape features. We offer a number of services that will provide nourishment and prevent disease to your trees and shrubs.

Insecticide Application

Specialized spraying to control the most unwanted pests that invade your landscape. We analyze your landscape to perfect the timing of applications before insects become a problem

Fungicide Application

From apple scab on crab apples to needle cast on blue spruce, our team can control just about any fungus that invades your precious trees and shrubs

Deep Root Fertilization 
We apply a deep root fertilizer in spring and/or fall specifically designed to nourish trees and shrubs, and keep them healthy all year long. 

Bed Pre-emergent 
Applied in the spring, this pre-emergent will prevent weeds from ever taking hold, so there's a reduced need for weeding later in the year.  

Bed Weed Control 
If your beds are already showing weeds, our team will apply a weed control spray at any point in the growing season to kill the weeds and keep your beds looking good. 

Miticide Application 
Our knowledgeable team will apply the right miticide to your ornamental plants to eliminate the plant-destroying parasites.


Fall Dormant Oil Application 
This horticultural oil is applied in the fall to ornamental trees and shrubs to help control mite and scale infestation during the dormant seasons. A preventative step that helps ensure a healthy bloom in the spring. 

Trimming & Shaping 
Our team will trim trees and shrubs, creating a handsome shape that makes your landscape look like something from a magazine. Keeping plants manicured is imperative to having a gorgeous yard. 


Knowing when and where to cut is critical to keeping ornamental trees healthy and beautiful. Our team will make sure your trees look their best and stay looking fresh.  

Tree Injection 
When spraying isn't an option, our expert team will use an injection method to eliminate and prevent parasitic infestations, including tree killers like the Emerald Ash Borer. 

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